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Read our product reviews of The Best Tea Kettles!


Cuisinart CPK-17 Electric Kettle Review

The ordinary tea kettle boiled water to almost 100 degrees C. You make yourself a cup of tea or coffee but because of a high temperature you can’t drink it at once. You have to wait at least a...


Breville SK500XL Electric Kettle Review

Working day is so long and monotonous. You have to do your regular duties day by day. During the day e need at least a 10-15 minutes break for relocation and refreshening. And some time a cup of hot...


Circulon Contempo Tea Kettle Review

Imagine yourself a modern kitchen. I think you will agree with my statement, that it should be fully equipped with all necessary appliances. A stove, a fridge, a microwave, a toaster. Did we mention...


Hamilton Beach 40898 Electric Kettle Review

Kids grow faster. And soon it’s time when they wanted to help you with household duties. One of the simplest of them is to boiled for tea or coffee, which means that it’s needed to use a tea...


Creative Home Tea Kettle Review

Morning is one of the busiest parts of the day. You need to do a lot of things: take a shower, get dressed and of course to make yourself substantial breakfast, as it is the main meal of the day....


Aroma AWK-115S Tea Kettle Review

From century to century people used the same methods to boil water. The used ordinary tea kettles, fill them with water and put them first just on fire and then on a stovetop. In the contemporary...


Medelco 1-WK112-BL-4 Tea Kettle Review

Modern society sets its own rules. Modern people want to have good cars, comfortable and elegant house with necessary modern equipment. Even such a simple appliance like tea kettle also should be...


Revere Copper Tea Kettle Review

Every family likes to gather together at the evenings. Members of the family share their news and thoughts with each other. And every conversation gets even better with a cup of hot fragrant tea...

The tea kettle becomes an irreplaceable appliance in our everyday life. Whether at home or at offices, we usually use kettles to make a cup of tea a coffee, or something more substantial a soup, oatmeal or noodles for example. It was specially created and designed to make the process of water boiling more convenient. Of course you are able to boil water in other kitchen appliances, pan for example. But tea kettles are definitely easier in use because they have some advantages. First of all they have a spout mechanism, which allows you to pure water without spilling water. Secondly they have a handle, usually cool-to touch and you can grip a tea kettle without any fears of being burned. Due to their rounded shape they heat water quicker, than other appliances.

And finally all the kettles are different in style, color, liter capacity and price to satisfy taste of every single person and all his demands for a tea kettle.

All tea kettles are divided into two kinds: stovetop and electric.

Stovetop kettles, as it’s seen from their name, are used to boil water on a stove top. Electric kettles are installed with a heating element and powered by electricity. They obviously have a separated base, which may be placed where you want it to be.

Stovetop kettles are traditionally viewed as a little bit old-fashioned. They mostly used by elderly or conservative people. The water boils in them slower, but if have doesn’t hurry up all the time you can wait a couple of minutes more. Classical stovetop tea kettles create a pleasant atmosphere at your kitchen, because boiling water and preparation of tea is a special ceremony, repeated daily many centuries.

Modern stovetop kettles are upgraded with several useful options. Most of the best tea kettles on which we give review in this article are made of stainless steel. In all this models: Circulon Contempo 2-Quart Whistling Teakettle, Creative Home Satin Splendor Metallic Tea Kettles, Revere Copper Bottom Teakettle the exterior surface stays cool to the touch and easily washable.

Medelco 1-WK112-BL-4 12-Cup Glass Stovetop Whistling Kettle is made of a borosilicate glass. It’s a modern alternative kind of material for stovetop kettle. It can be used both on gas and electric stovetops. This tea kettle has an advantage to stainless steel kettles. It’s a dishwasher-safe, while stainless steel kettles should b washed by hands. And even some them required special care. Revere Copper Bottom Teakettle needs to be polished regularly, if you want it to keep its nice brilliant look.

Circulon Contempo 2-Quart Whistling Teakettle we choose as the best stove top tea kettle. It’s modern and elegant, available in variety of colors, has an easy-grip handle, which rather high to stay cool.

While stovetop tea kettles remind us about the past, electric tea kettles are our future. First of all the best tea kettles shorten the time needed to boil water. They will do it in a couple of minutes. All the represented models Hamilton Beach 40898, Breville SK500XL, Cuisinart CPK-17, Aroma AWK-115S have a shut on/off function, if you forget about your tea kettle. Only Hamilton Beach 40898 doesn’t have a water-level indicator which we used to have in modern electric tea kettles.

The best tea kettle which we highly recommend you is a Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle. It stands high above other electric tea kettles. We can even say that it’s a new step in the tea kettles evolution. It allows you to choose one from its 6 settings the temperature you need. It also has a “keep warm” bottom and may keep the set temperature for 30 minutes.